The Mental Wealth Podcast is hosted by Kaylor Betts (founder of MWP), and is a place where at times intense, stimulating, and knowledge ridden conversations take place with a variety of different guests for each episode.

These guests may be professionals in the Mental Health space, or everyday individuals who have an impacting story to share with the world about their journey with Mental Health challenges.


The mission of the Mental Wealth Podcast is to provide an incredibly valuable and free resource for anyone looking to improve their Mental Health. To unpack and share the tools, tips, and best practices that help in overcoming Mental Health challenges, and to most importantly provide hope and instill optimism into the hearts of those who want and need a better life.

The Mental Wealth Podcast is available on iTunesSpotify and Google!

Episode 1: My Mental Health Story and What is the Mental Wealth Project?

This is the first "Solo-sode" of the Mental Wealth Podcast where Kaylor expands on his story of dealing with mental health challenges and gives clarity on what the Mental Wealth Project is, why it exists, and what to expect from it going forward

Episode 2: Death of a Loved One and Anxiety

Guest Adam Boyd and host Kaylor Betts launch the Mental Wealth Project’s inaugural guest podcast. Adam witnessed his brother dying in front of his eyes as a teenager and now deals with an anxiety disorder that he continues to learn to manage. On this episode, Adam opens up about his challenges with mental health and shares his powerful story of love, loss, death, grief and survival.

Episode 3: Healing Your Core Wounds with a Spiritual Healer

Selene Viel, Spiritual Healer and Medicine Woman joins Kaylor Betts to discuss spirituality and mental health. This episode takes us on a journey through her life of self-discovery and soul discovery. Selene finds beauty in grief as she guides her clients through healing from the inside out. Take a listen to find out what the 4 Core Wounds are that we can all experience and why they are the foundation of her practice.

Episode 4: Life Lessons & Mental Health from a Model, Actor, and Work Traveller

Kevin Dexter is a model/actor, world traveler, jack of all trades, free spirit and intellectual. He sits down to talk to Kaylor Betts on today’s episode. Kevin brings his vibrant energy to discuss mental health and life lessons he has picked up on his journeys around the world.

Episode 5: Your Money and Your Mental Health

Guest Mandyy Thomas joins Kaylor Betts to discuss money and mental health. Mandyy is an extremely intelligent and driven finance coach who focuses on the mental/internal game and psychology of money management. If your financial situation ever contributes to more stress in your life or affects your mental health, you do not want to miss this one.

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